'Treasures of Ilmington'

Jan S Upper Green Memorial.jpg

The 'Treasures of Ilmington' gallery is of photos of lesser-spotted details, secret corners and favourite places in Ilmington (footpaths and alleyways, the waterfall and the fields, remarkable trees, old signs, village wells and architectural details...) to be included in the Shop Calendar for 2023.

The location of each photo chosen will be marked on a map included within the calendar and the photos numbered so people can go out and track down the hidden gems and favourite places.

Images should be in colour and can be portrait or landscape. Digital files should be at least 1.5MB or higher.


All images should be submitted with information as to what and where it is, to info@ilmingtonimages.co.uk where they will be permanently displayed.

By entering you have the opportunity to both support the Shop (to which the proceeds will go) and win your own five minutes of fame!


Entries can be viewed in our galleries by clicking here

The small print: Entries will be publicly viewed, downloaded and shared without charge. When you submit your entry it is assumed that either you are the copyright holder or have the permission of the copyright holder for it to be freely downloaded and shared. Credit will be given to the copyright holder