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Ilmington Creative Challenge

Welcome to the Ilmington Creative Challenge


You can choose from two categories:

(Create a version of an artwork using household objects – see examples here)

Don't forget to include the original!

  • Lockdown Life

  • Artworks Recreated


Entries can be photographic or "painting/drawing/mixed media/sculpture/collage".

You can also enter a ‘Lockdown Life’ song or poem.

There are 3 age groups:

  • 11 and under

  • 18 and under

  • Adult

Submit entries by May 1st to but contributions offered after then will still be displayed for all to see here.

Please include your name and the category and age group you're entering.

There are no prizes but we’ll pick out some favourites.


The small print: Entries will be publicly viewed, downloaded and shared without charge. When you submit your entry it is assumed that either you are the copyright holder or have the permission of the copyright holder for it to be freely downloaded and shared. Credit will be given to the copyright holder

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